We have been successful in settling claims for:

    • Hurricane Wilma
    • Hurricane Matthew
    • Hurricane Irma
    • Hurricane Michael
    • Hurricane Sally
    • Hurricane Ian

And any other windstorms in the State of Florida for the past 15 years. After any Hurricane its crucial to hire your own Public Adjuster to start the insurance claim process, this process will require documenting damages with a professional estimate, photos, moister mapping reports from licensed contractors, and Sworn Proof of Loss, with the most accurate prices on the market and coordinate inspections, presenting the damage in a way that the insurance companies will understand.

Our Experienced Public Adjusters will read your policy to confirm if you are covered for wind and flood damages. This will determine which way we will navigate your claim. Remember this type of natural disaster can be overwhelming and move you to a financially difficult time, so it is better to have someone to speak on your behalf, protecting your best interest and acting in a good faith, it will take a big portion of stress off your plate.
Usually, after a hurricane, a named storm, or any other natural disaster that affects a large area, homeowners have only one
year after of the day of Loss to file an insurance claim. As per Florida Statute 624.604.


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